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Luxury handcrafted chocolate comes to Coventry

Luxury handcrafted chocolate comes to Coventry

Whenever we meet people at events or they buy a gift for a friend, they always ask, "Where can I buy your chocolate?"

As a new business, we've concentrated most of our effort to date on events - food festivals, gift fairs and craft sales - we love the buzz of meeting customers face-to-face, finding out what you like and learning what works. It's especially nice meeting people who have bought from us before and come back for more!

But we've always wanted, when the time was right, to find new ways of getting our special chocolates into the big wide world so more people can enjoy them and we think we've found the perfect match. We're delighted to have paired up with our friends Jo and Sarah at Container No 8 at Fargo Village in Coventry.

 Blackboard Sign - new store now open

Their new store in the Market Hall is the perfect place to find high quality artisan foods and gorgeous, handmade home goods and decorations so it's a perfect fit for our chocolates. At the moment you can buy our ever popular Choqablocs and lollies but we'll be extending our range over the coming months, especially in the run-up to Christmas.

Nicky and Sarah at Container No 8

And Container No 8 is just the start! We hope to announce some new partnerships shortly, so watch this space!

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